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    Large Propeller pouring with 3 ladles

    30t double-body medium frequency induction furnaces

    Double-body medium frequency induction furnaces of 30t and 7t

    200t/80t bridge crane

    A CNC milling machine with 5-axis-function with the gantry distance of 11m

    A CNC milling machine with 5-axis-function with the gantry distance of 9m

    CNC doule-column vertical lathe with gantry distance of 10m 
     Heavy CNC boring and milling machine with the main axis of 225mm
     Polishing manipulator for large propellers

    AEH large automatic Measuring Machine with 3 co-ordinates

    Intelligent polishing robot with 5-axis and 6 free angles

    Hydraulic positioning device for large propeller

    Static balance tester of 100t

    The Shipowners and the Surveyor Are Checking the Data of the Static Balance Test

    30tons dynamic balancing machine

    The Tensile Test Machine with Pulling Force of 30t

    Spectro Analyser imported from Germany

     German ZEISS metallographic microscope


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