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    In the year 2007, a joint venture Shanghai Marine Propeller Design Co., Ltd. was found by DMPC and China Ship Scientific Research Center. Then we leaped to a new stage that we can design and research marine propellers by ourselves. There is a team of experts who are specialized in propeller design and hydrodynamic performance research in this design company. They have decades of years' of experience of design and model tests, and advanced theories come out of tests for propeller efficiency, cavitation, vibration, noise and strength, which allows to best performance propellers. Now we can design and manufacture different types of marine propellers, and the performance can fully meet the needs of the shipyards and owners.

    Cavitation tests of propellers

    Strength analysis

    Sketch of surface element division

    <>Vortex Absorbed Fin is an energy-saving device which replaced the traditional propeller caps. It will increase the efficiency 2.0-3.0%. So far, hundred sets of VAF are designed and manufactured and fully satisfied our customers.

    Energy-saving Device——Vortex Absorbed Fin

    Vortex Absorbed Fin for 250000t VLOC
    weight:2.49t  diameter:2.82m

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    Email:xyz@dmpp.cn sale@dmpp.cn